ChildAid Sends Aid to Ukraine

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 16 Mar 2017 |

With the support and generosity of our supporters, we are able to do some incredible work. 

Thanks to the help from our partners, donors and supporters we have been able to send a large shipment of equipment to help the displaced people of Eastern Ukraine. 

A shipment sent by ChildAid reached Kiev safely, and began its journey to aid the struggling population of Eastern Ukraine. The conflict-stricken region has seen the vulnerable people suffer the most, and many more left without vital public services and medical aid. 

Among the much needed equipment sent was:

  • 19 hospital beds
  • 18 mattresses
  • 25,000 surgical masks
  • 23 computers 
  • 117 kgs of adult clothes
  • 59 kgs of children’s clothes
  • 23 kgs of blankets
  • 2 boxes full of stationery

The support, love and generosity of our donors is fundamental to providing ChildAid with the capabilities of sending shipments such as this. 

You can support ChildAid's work and enable more shipments like this by clicking the link below. 

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