Laurentiu’s Personality Blooms at the Phoenix Centre, Moldova

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 9 Apr 2017 |

Since opening in September 2015 as the first centre for children with disabilities in the north of Moldova, the Phoenix Centre has substantially contributed to alter the views and attitudes of those who come in touch with the centre.

The project activities directly benefits 37 children at the day centre and 101 children with special needs have shown marked improvement in motor or speech functions after a total of 3,195 separate rehabilitation sessions. They have been transformed from shy, fearful and totally dependent children to ones laughing, playing and enjoying social inclusion.

Like many of the children who come to the Phoenix Centre, Laurentiu, 11, was very shy and quiet on his first day. He was confined to his wheelchair and unable to stand or walk. As he grew more comfortable with the Phoenix Centre, Laurentiu’s personality came into bloom. He loves to make his friends and the staff roar with laughter. He is filled with jokes and silly stories that he shares with everyone who will listen. Through daily sessions with Phoenix Centre physical therapists’ and through the great work of the Early Intervention Therapy program, Laurentiu slowly began strengthening his legs and feet. Today he will steady himself on two feet with the help of a staff member or strong friend, and gladly take your hand to scale stairs, all the while charming you with a funny story.

Without your support, these incredible stories of transformation would not be possible. Thank you.

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