Life Restored for Lazar

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 6 Mar 2017 |

In the Autumn 2015 edition of ChildAid Matters we told you about the then 3 year old Lazar.

He was badly injured with a skull fracture following a car crash in Moldova. He suffered paralysis on his left side and epilepsy.

The team at the Tony Hawks Centre have worked tirelessly to help Lazar. Their work improved his physical condition to such a point that he was able to be taken to Paris for an operation.

He can now attend a special kindergarten for children with disabilities. He feels like it is Christmas everyday as he can play with other children and take part in all sorts of activities.

Lazar is sociable, calm and patient and through attending kindergarten it has enabled his mother, who was also in the car accident, to rest more. She is also becoming stronger.

His father, like so many others, has to work abroad to earn enough money for the family - he is hoping that the whole family can join him in Ireland soon.

For as long as he needs it, Lazar will continue to receive free massage, physiotherapy, elementary occupational therapy and music therapy at the Tony Hawks Centre.

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