Standing on your own two feet: Petru and the Tony Hawks Centre

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 10 Aug 2017 |

Everyone wants the independence to stand on their own two feet both physically and economically. But sadly for some neither is possible. This was true for Petru, currently 13, who was born with cerebral palsy and as such has been resigned to a wheelchair.

His condition left his father a broken man. In imitation to his son’s difficulty to walk, the father stumbled and fell into the arms of drink. Far from the loving man his wife recalls, he now refuses to look after Petru and his 4 siblings. Both Petru’s mum and dad are unemployed, and as such family finances are scarce, with the only source of income coming from Petru’s child disability allowance which fails to meet the family’s many needs. These financial constraints have meant that the expensive medication needed to treat his disability and fragile health is often left unbought.

However, whilst others have been unable to stand, our partners have stood by Petru’s side. Due to the help of our partners at the Tony Hawks Centre such life changing medication has been made regularly accessible to him. This increase in medication, alongside access to therapies, has led to dramatic improvement to his health. He has also been supplied with a new wheelchair, nappies, winter boots and clothes to help improve his comfort within day-to-day life. With all these pressures removed his mother has been able to take the family to Italy this summer to see relatives - an unforgettable experience for Petru. For his last birthday he received a tablet computer, so he can now play his favourite games whenever he wishes.

Without your support ChildAid would not be able to stand by these people who struggle to stand up for themselves. Such work by the Tony Hawks Centre allows children like Petru to live longer and more fulfilled lives, which would not be possible without the donations of our supporters for which we are eternally grateful.

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