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ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 9 Apr 2017 |

At 38 weeks pregnant Lavinia’s mother was in a car accident. She broke her limbs and was unable to walk for a year. Doctors performed a Caesarean to save Lavinia but the accident caused brain damage.

Her conditions were similar to cerebral palsy with difficulty in movement and underdeveloped cognitive behaviours.

The family could not find help without a huge cost - money they do not have. But, hearing about the amazing work of the Tony Hawks Centre they asked Dr Diana Covalciuc for help. Therapists were sent to the family home as neither Lavinia or her mother could travel. All free for the family.

After six months of treatment plus care by the family, Lavinia was able to come to the Centre to receive hydro-therapy help as well.

As you can see, she can now sit as well as move, swallow and follow objects with her eyes (her eyesight, hearing and eating abilities were all affected).

Soon her mother will have surgery to improve her own condition which means she will be able to build upon the transformative work of the Tony Hawks Centre therapists. 

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