Hope & Opportunity in Ukraine

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 7 Jul 2017 |

Roma children abandoned to the orphanages in Ukraine ultimately find themselves being rejected by the Romani community as un-pure, and by the Gaje (non Romani) communities as Gypsies.  

 Emotionally, spiritually and socially traumatised, often having had years of institutional ‘care’ and/or abuse at home they struggle to enter mainstream society in a positive, fulfilling way. So often they cannot secure jobs as they do not have a fixed address, and they cannot get a place to live as they do not have a job.

 But In Mukecheve ChildAid has a project which reverses this pattern of destruction.

 In June 2017 we opened the extension of our Foster Home. This smaller building is designed to continue the process of independent living for the young people who live with the New Beginning foster parents in the main house.

Older girls in the foster home will move to this new home where they will live as a temporary home until they can set out on their own.

For one of the orphans, she is on a minimum wage of around £85 per month after taxes. The cost to rent an apartment is around £90 per month! With the stability of their “own” accommodation it is the hope that they will be able to secure more fruitful employment.

 So, there is a future. There is hope. There will be opportunity.

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