“Will we be hit or not?”

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 18 Jul 2017 | News

Rarely do we hear on the news anything about the conflict in Ukraine. But, the shelling continues and the deep traumatic scars will continue for years to come.

 It is now three years since Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine killing 298. Throughout the conflict 10,000 have been killed and over 1 million have been displaced from their homes.

 In April 2017 UNICEF identified that over 200,000 children (1 in 4) children in the main two areas of the Dombass region in Eastern Ukraine are living a traumatised existence.

 They live in chronic fear and uncertainty with intermittent shelling, unpredictable fighting and dangers from landmines. Signs of anxiety abound with very young children bed-wetting, having nightmares, showing aggressive behaviour or withdrawing from families and communities.

 BBC reporter Fergal Keane has just filed a report from Eastern Ukraine which starkly shows that the conflict is real and present and that children are suffering. One mother living in a basement with her baby tells him:

“I worry that children will be affected. The worst is not knowing. Will we be hit or not? What will happen now?”

A young child shows Fergal where a shell landed on her house roof and where she found her dead mother.


ChildAid’s response has been to provide humanitarian aid to the region. Now it is to build a retreat centre away from the conflict zone to bring children traumatised by the fighting for a desperately need break

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