Today’s limitation and circumstances for vulnerable, abandoned and disabled children in Eastern Europe can be transformed to one of opportunities and hope

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A ChildAid child sponsor says: 

"I have heard such pitiful tales about living in Eastern Europe ... that it makes me thankful every day for all my blessings ... I feel at one with them"


Whether its cards or gifts every purchase from our shop will make a difference in young lives. Our Alternative Gifts bring the most urgent needs and are an ideal gift to buy for friends and family.

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Our General Appeal is where your generosity will go to support one of our many project partners. There are so many needs for the more than 2,500 children we support - rehabilitation care, educational support, emergency family aid, fun and play...the list is endless.



Target amount: £50,000.00

Amount raised: £23,331.04


Children and young people plus their families are being helped by supporters such as you