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50 Years Of Changing Real Lives

ChildAid was founded in 1973 by Jane Ellis, a researcher at Keston College.

After studying Russian at university, Jane felt called to serve oppressed Christians in Russia and immediately founded and almost single-handedly Aid to Russian Orthodox Christians (ARC), an organization that provided religious resources to those suffering for their faith in the Soviet Union. 

In 2006 our new name was launched ChildAid which later became ChildAid to Eastern Europe.

Throughout these 50 years ChildAid has supported children and families during difficult times. We have seen children walk when all hopes were lost, children be able to hear for the first time, protect children from abusive households and provide a safe family to live, we were able to stay close to children and create strong relationships that even as adults they’re making sure keep this relationship provided assistance to children and families facing challenging circumstances.

Our efforts have resulted in children making progress when it seemed all hope was lost, experiencing the wonder of hearing for the first time, and transforming from victims of abuse into thriving individuals upon being placed in a safe environment.Our unwavering commitment has allowed us to build meaningful and enduring relationships with the children we serve, which are valued by them even as they grow older. 

Like Bianca, an orphan who could have remained blind for the rest of her life if the help hadn’t come in time. We were able to pay for a surgery in a private clinic and 70 % of her squint was removed. A decade later, she returned to visit our partner, celebrating her birthday with the Program Leader who coordinated her surgery.  Seeing Bianca in good health and high spirits warms our hearts. The kindness she was shown is something she’ll always remember. Her journey is a testament to the life-changing impact of our work.

We have supported babies through our abandoned babies program, babies abandoned at the hospital and even on the streets. Through our programs we helped children and families in crisis, prevented abandonment due to poverty, supported young orphans with life skills and special workshops. 

 We have helped children with homework and with free after school clubs in order to enable parents to work when they cannot afford childcare. We supported orphans with foster home and meet their most pressing needs to enable the family to stay together and not to abandon their children through economic necessity. This may be a winter supply of wood, school uniform and equipment, or medicines. 

Many things have changed since 1973 like the people behind the charity . Our current director has been working with ChildAid for over a decade and like Jane Ellis he is committed to bring a change into the lives of less fortunate children in Eastern Europe.

Your support has been vital in our mission, and it is with heartfelt appreciation that we say thank you. You have been an essential part of our story and we hope you’ll continue to journey with this as we strive to make the world a better place.

For half a century our supporters have been offering prayers to people living in the areas where we consistently provide aid.

As we look towards the future we are filled with hope and determination to continue serving those in need.


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