Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries and continues to have inadequate resources for children with disabilities. At the Tony Hawks Rehabilitation Centre least 600 children, all with physical disabilities, can have access to vital professional therapies to improve the quality of their lives and that of their families. 

“There have been efforts over the last decade to improve healthcare services for children in Moldova. However, the reality for children with disabilities is that they are still at risk of being removed from their family or abandoned and locked away in an institution.”
Martin Wilcox, Director, ChildAid

The aim of the Centre is to provide medical, educational and social care for disabled children from socially vulnerable families. It is one of a few paediatric healthcare centres in Moldova.

What is so successful about the Centre’s approach is that it combines rehabilitation and parental education, which promotes a child’s integration into society. The aim is to optimise the child’s potential for future development of their bodies through a wide range of holistic treatments including physio, speech, play and hydro therapies, massage, sensory and orthotics.

Every penny raised during Miles 4 Moldova will go towards providing the essential therapy programmes that are, and will, changing lives and attitudes to disability.

How to take part in the Miles 4 Moldova Challenge?

  • From 1st - 31st May, participate in the 100mile challenge ( walk, run, row, cycle, swim)
  • Set up your own fundraising page with the link on this page 
  • Nominate your friends to take part too, remembering to tag us @childaidee so we can share!
  • Use the hashtag #miles4moldova

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