K and S both have learning difficulties and met at Isle of Hope, Minsk, Belarus. They fell in love and got married.  In 2014 their daughter was born. The whole family lives with K’s mum as she is the child’s guardian as due to health issues K was refused the rights to be a guardian of her own daughter. The family is in a constant need of different things so they need to save money on clothes and food. K and S live on their disability benefit but it is a very small amount of money. Due to severity of their illness they are not able to work.

K and S dream about having a microwave oven. They had one before but it broke down. K knew how to use it and cook food for her family. They have a gas cooker but K couldn’t learn how to use it and feels very frightened when she needs to switch on the gas hob.

K and S will be very grateful if you could help make their dream come true.

The cost is £120