This appeal will change depending on the most urgent family in need at any one time at any of our partners.

Urgent Appeal for a family in Chisinau, Moldova

Alina is an 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome. She lives with her mother, and sadly is all too often the case with such vulnerable families, she has no father. The family does not have a house of their own, they rent a single room. Her mother is employed as a personal assistant for Alina, and they struggle to always make ends meet. Mum was diagnosed with cancer, and for more than a year she has been  fighting the disease, doing many many treatments. Thankfully at present her condition has improved.

Alina loves to attend school and she is accompanied here by her mother. She is a very sociable girl, smiling all the time, talkative and most of all she likes to sing and dance.

The Tony Hawks Centre provides rehabilitation courses consisting of massage, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and recently a pair of orthopedic shoes.

But, the family are in desperate need of material support to help them go from one day to another without the fear of having nothing to eat.

With your help we can support this family in urgent need. Support to date has so far covered the cost of the medical examination and surgery (the medical profession would not previously see the boy as the family were "too poor").

Please donate today and provide life-transforming support to families in desperate need.