This appeal will change depending on the most urgent family in need at any one time at any of our partners.

Urgent Appeal for the Kravet Family, Kamianske, south eastern Ukraine

Nastia has 3 children (a 9 and a 4 year old and an 8 months old baby). While Nastia no longer lives with her husband who is under criminal investigation, he is not willing to give her the divorce she seeks.  As a consequence the family cannot apply for any benefits other than the $25 a month received for the care of the children.

urgent family appeal

urgent family appeal

The family home has a leaking roof, no glass in the windows, and as a result of debt they have no gas, somehow they have to make do on a simple stove.

There is also a suspicion that the eldest child might have developed a cancer as his lymph nodes have swollen, he doesn’t eat, and tends to sleep a lot.  Due to debt the family cannot afford the cost of a medical examination, and on just $25 a month Nastia can only afford to feed her baby a simple porridge.

The family desperately needs financial assistance to help with the costs of the medical examination, for the provision of an electric cooker, a boiler, glass for the windows, and some essential doors.  We would also like to help the family with their debt, and to give the practical advice needed to help the whole family cope with the future.

With your help we can support this family in urgent need. Support to date has so far covered the cost of the medical examination and surgery (the medical profession would not previously see the boy as the family were "too poor").

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