This appeal will change depending on the most urgent family in need at any one time at any of our partners.

Urgent Appeal for a family in Ukraine helped by our partner Little Lighthouse.

Olya was a much wanted, long-awaited little girl when she was born 5 years ago. Her traumatic birth lead to brain injury so that she is unable to speak, requires a ventilator to breathe and has to eat through a gastrostomy tube.

Although both her parents loved her dearly, sadly her father recently left the family leaving Yeva to care for Olya alone. The expressions that Olya gives in her eyes will indicate her mood, when they light up with a mischievous spark there is no one happier than Yeva.

Last year Yeva's father died of cancer and she became suicidally depressed. It was a blessing that she was known to the team at Little Lighthouse in Makariv, Ukraine. They worked at length to improve her state of mind and she is now feeling more positive.

The cost of care for Olya has been hard for Yeva, especially as she finds it hard to find work with no child-minding care available. With the opening of the new Little Lighthouse rehabilitation centre Olya will receive free-to-access therapy treatments.

The cost of her sepcial food, hygiene products, sanitary wipes and medical consultations can reach £400 per month. Whilst there are some benefits payments available there is always a need to top these up.

Your support can ease the pressure on Yeva for several months and give Olya the care she needs and deserves.

Thank you for allowing us to virtually reach our target for our Winter Family appeal which was such a blessing for us to provide that much needed help for families in Siberia.