This appeal will change depending on the most urgent family in need at any one time at any of our partners.

Urgent Appeal for families in Siberia helped by our partner Helping Hands.

In Siberia there are many poor families who struggle to survive.  Our latest appeal is about families who can't afford the necessities. Parents who are left with nothing to feed their children and worry about the future. 

Thanks to the kind donations of our supporters we were able to send 430,500 Rubles and give clothes, firewood, coal and medicines for 18 families with 38 children.

However, there are more families in desperate need. The winter in Siberia is harsh without any heating at home. In many families the mother brings up her children on her own, with maybe three and even four children in the family. The Yahontov family lived without electricity for a year - it was a matter of having electricity or feeding the children.

There are more families desperate for help like the Ivanov family, such as a mother who raises her own 2 children on her own as well as a young girl abandoned by her parents. She  works but the money is simply not enough for the family to survive on. For them even necessities are a Christmas luxury.

In the Kuznetsov family the grandmother raises her orphaned grandchildren by herself. The house they live in is about to collapse. When we met them they had no heating in the house, so we helped with firewood and clothes. However, more help is needed with the house, and we can’t even think what will happen if the house collapses.

Please support this urgent appeal for families in Siberia. Any donation big or small will change the lives of the people and bring hope in their hearts.