Our Partners during difficult times

As the Coronavirus is spreading across the world our partners are highly affected too.

Even under those circumstances, we will try to support them as much as possible so that they can support as many families and children in need. 


There are currently no travel restrictions to and from Belarus and at present nothing is closed due to Covid-19.

Isle of Hope:

It is not shutting down yet and awaiting government edicts. They are taking extra precautions such as hand washing and sanitizers – but cannot give the young people bottles of sanitizers to use through them not understanding how to use properly (ie the whole bottle at one time).

If they have to shut down it will place heavy burdens on the families in terms of care for the young people by family members who would ordinarily be working to support the family.


The country is largely in lockdown. All cafes and restaurants are closed as are most of the large supermarkets. Only the smaller food shops remain open.

Public transport is closed and private mini-buses are only allowed to carry 10 people at a time.

New Beginnings:

The Technical School is closed. Those of our dormitory young people who have homes have returned. Orphans remain and our staff are now working full time rather than their usual part-time. 

With one of the main staff still off work, our Project Leader has stepped in and is filling her role. At present both the extra hours and his time is not being paid for and at present extra money is not being asked for but we will need to increase our support for this partner.

foster parent

Igor and Sasha with their foster children

Children’s Hearts:

The House of Light is shut.

The staff at the Baby Home are volunteers as far as Baby Home is concerned and have been asked not to attend.

The Children’s Hospital is open.

The only service that our partner can perform is to continue to provide families with food etc supplies, however, with the large supermarkets shut it is very difficult to buy the large volumes needed to help so many families. 


Refurbishment continues but it will now not open in April.


State of emergency has been declared with non-nationals unable to enter.

Tony Hawks Centre , Moldova 

Closed 16th March to  31st March which will be reviewed.


- pedagogues are contacting the patients’ parents/guardians by telephone to guide them in their programs of development of the performances at their homes.

- physiotherapists will build a few plaster chairs. The specialists and the patients will be brought by THC car to the centre      

- we will continue to meet most of the salaries of the amazing team for as long as we can, but as there are no services being offered they will not be receiving funding from the government’s State Insurer as normal.

Esther House:

Completely closed.

Not all people have the luxury to simply stay at home to prevent the virus spread. In a home where there is no food or hope, we are trying to provide the basics to help the families and the children survive.

Family Love:

No restrictions yet but if and when they do occur our partner will liaise with local churches and ask them to get the supplies needed by the families and will then reimburse the churches 

The times are difficult, our patience will be tested however we have the opportunity to do new things, be closer to our family and also help others. 

At this stage, we will continue to fund all salaries at 100% of budget.

Should any of our beneficiaries contract the virus medical support will be necessary so we will try to support all those vulnerable people who lack the basics and they now need our help more than ever

The last few weeks have been difficult and worrisome for many as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe. But times like this are when we come together (figuratively of course!) and can make a real change.

Your support is changing lives, please donate now and join us in helping children and families survive.

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