Bianca suffers from Spina Bifida and paraparesis (loss of voluntary motor function in the pelvic limbs) she does need regular assistance with her catheter – an expense which the family has to cover. Catheterization is required daily.

She was operated on in Turkey in January 2018, and in July she was in Turkey for a consultation. She has to go every 4 months for the consultation, but the family doesn’t have the money. 

Bianca is in second grade. The school year started very well. At school she has many friends who help her. She is a gifted child who has a good retentive memory. She particularly likes poetry and playing on computers.

Despite having multiple operations from an early age Bianca is a very positive girl who always smiles. She helps her mother to make dolls that are sold to make money for her treatment. She has an older brother who loves her very much.

Tony Hawks Centre helped the family with free rehabilitation courses consisting of massage, physiotherapy,kinetotherapy (movement therapy) and hydro-physiotherapy.

The Centre has also offered financial help with regard to the purchase of school supplies and for Bianca’s catheter. The family also received a food package for the winter holidays. Bianca’s mother has recently joined a support group for parents at the Centre.

None of this would have been possible without your kind support.

Every child deserves a healthy life.

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