In this post-industrial society (whatever that really means) we can be obsessed with service: the length of time to get through to customer service call centres, the not quite perfect restaurant service, the delays on the bus and train services, the time it takes to get a National Health Service appointment.

These can be very important to us at the time and thoroughly upset our day (or make it a very bright and positive day when the service we receive exceeds expectations). We are, of course, all born to serve. Pope Francis said at the beginning of Holy Week in 2020: "Everyone has a destiny, a free destiny, the destiny of being chosen by God. I am born with the destiny to be a child of God, to be a servant of God, with the task of serving, building and edifying". Whatever your beliefs or denomination it is a good lesson that we are all born to serve - to serve God and to serve our fellow man and woman.

ChildAid’s partners are born to serve the children, young people and families they work with and they do this with an open, happy heart. It is a privilege for us to see them at their service. Our Lent newsletter looks at just some elements of that service.

Our Lent Blessings this year give you the opportunity each day to consider how God has blessed you and how you can serve through prayer, act and small financial sacrifice. Our Lent Calendar can be downloaded here. I hope you will enjoy taking part and will be blessed in doing so. I also hope that you will be pleased with our new Easter card design.

I remain always in your service, and in the service of my saviour Jesus Christ.

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