Keeping Hope Alive

When Maria lost her only child, her daughter, she knew that she had to stay strong to take care of her 2 grandchildren. Their father has drinking problems, and he is not involved in children’s lives. Read more

Art , Friendship and Building Confidence

Friendship is very important to people with a learning disability .Having an active social life can help people with a learning disability to feel happier, included and valued (Mason et al. 2013; Chadwick et al. 2014; Wilson et al., 2017). Read more

Summer Activities – Worry free moments for vulnerable children

To bring a sparkle of childhood our partners have created programmes for children and teenagers of different age and needs and created programmes that bring joy and hope to the hearts of the young children. Read more

Abandoned babies, stories of abandonment

The Abandoned Babies Programme is bringing love and care for babies abandoned. Babies that didn’t have the best start in life, babies who haven’t experienced hugs and love from their parents. Read more

Finding Acceptance

Her mother was from a Roma camp . When she was born her mother had nowhere to take her so she left her in the hospital.   She grew up in almost all institutions of the child custody system.  She was never asked what she wanted to study. She was only sent to the next available place to study, thankfully it was w Read more

A new life for Natalia

Our mission is to inspire and support young women leaving orphanage to study and learn, promote independence, values and respect. Young women such as Natalia. She grew up in a foster home where her care was not good. Read more

Mowgli Child

Our partner from Love Without Borders, Ukraine has seen many cases of neglect and abandonment during their work. However, nothing prepared them for the case of Igor, a boy that reminded them of Mowgli. Read more

Rich by heart

Sometimes life can bring tragedy and pain.    When their son died in a car accident they decided to turn the pain into something positive, so they adopted 7 children. Read more

Empowering women in Eastern Europe

At ChildAid we support vulnerable children and families in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Siberia. We are giving the tools to women to build a better future. Read more

When you receive love and hope, the world opens

Although we rather don't talk about it, here in Ukraine babies are still being abandoned and children grow up without parental care. In fact, it's still very common. Read more

A story of hope

Sometimes we read stories that it is difficult to share. This is a story of hope. Hope that even the worst situations can change when love and care is present. Read more

The trauma of war - On the road to healing

Life isn’t always easy, especially for a girl living in a conflict zone. Elena's house was not far from one of the military units in the Donbass area. Read more

Keeping families together

Sometimes life can be really tough. Especially in Transnistria , a disputed territory between Moldova and Ukraine. It has been really hard for the Ciobanu family. Read more

Abandoned Baby Valentina Finds Love

Very recently baby Valentina came to the local Baby Home. Thanks to the hard work of our staff Valentina's life changed. Read more

A child long waited- Ensuring all children have the best start in life.

This is the story of Anna. A child that was long waited. Her mother wanted so much to have her own child, and after 15 years of waiting Anna was born. Read more

Orphans in Ukraine

There are believed to be more than 100,000 children living in 750 or so orphanages in Ukraine. In most cases these children have been abandoned by their own family . Read more

A life decided from birth - New Beginnings

This is the story of Brigitte. She was born in a Roma community 15 years ago. She was just a baby when her mother sold her for just £4. From a young age, she learned to steal and dance. The plan was to work in brothels. After years on this path, she was taken into care. Her prospects for a firm foundation for a stable and fulfilling life were poor. Read more