Partners Update During Coronavirus

Our Partners during difficult times As the Coronavirus is spreading across the world our partners are highly affected too. Even under those circumstances, we will try to support them as much as possible so that they can support as many families and children in need. Read more

Empowering women in Eastern Europe

At ChildAid we support vulnerable children and families in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Siberia. In many cases we meet women who experience poverty, abuse and abandonment, women who have to support their children on their own. We have created programmes that give free to access childcare, legal advice and counselling, food, medicine and clothes, and rehabilitation service for disabled children Read more

When you receive love and hope, the world opens

Although we rather don't talk about it, here in Ukraine babies are still being abandoned and children grow up without parental care. In fact, it's still very common. Read more

Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday arrives on December 3! Over a 24-hour period (5am on 03.12.19) we have a #GivingTuesday goal of £7,780 to be raised All #GivingTuesday funds will enable us to provide elementary trauma care training to our partners and their staff and provide funding to bring additional care provision for children living with trauma. Each individual donation from a unique email address up to £778 will be matched. Read more

A story of hope

Sometimes we read stories that it is difficult to share. Stories difficult to read that we put aside for a while until we find the courage to look at them again. If this is painful for us, we can’t imagine the trauma the child experienced. This is a story of hope. Hope that even the worst situations can change when love and care is present. Read more

The trauma of war - On the road to healing

Life isn’t always easy, especially for a girl living in a conflict zone. Elena lived with her family under fire, her house was not far from one of the military units in the Donbass area. Bullets ricocheted off the roofs of the houses and the siren went on and on. On many occasions the family had to hide underground in the cellar to save their lives. Elena is scared of fireworks, thunder, explosions, and she lives with anxiety. Read more

Little by Little Campaign

It is never really that easy to describe what impact is made through a single donation, whatever the amount. However, together every gift offered goes to making a profound impact on young vulnerable lives. So, we are excited to announce through our partnership with Global Giving we can make every small donation made go even further. ChildAid will participating in the Little by Little Campaign organised by Global Giving where they will match donations up to $50 USD (approximately £41) at 60%. Read more

Keeping families together

Sometimes life can be really tough. Especially in Transnistria , a disputed territory between Moldova and Ukraine. It has been really hard for the Ciobanu family. Sergei and Svetlana live with their 4 children and the grandmother. The father recently went to work in Russia to help his family since he was only part time employed and they were struggling to survive.The young Ciobanu children did not attend nursery as their loving parents had no money to buy the children clothes. Read more

Abandoned Baby Valentina Finds Love

One of the projects that is very close to our hearts here at ChildAid is the abandoned babies program. In Kamianske, Ukraine we support a nurse to care and provide love for babies left in hospital. ChildAid also supports an additional two staff working in the local Baby Home, one of whom is a physiotherapist. Very recently baby Valantina came to the local Baby Home. Her father is in prison and her mother is a drug addict. She was hungry, dirty, undressed and ill while living at home. Read more

Conflict in Ukraine, children and schools in despair

Since 2014, bitter conflict in Ukraine has forced 1.5 million people to flee their homes.(source  UN Refugee Agency). A large number of schools and education facilities have been damaged due to shelling in Eastern Ukraine. It is estimated that are over 55,000 children live within 15 km of the ‘contact line’ between the two factions. (Source: Unicef, April 2018 Assessment Update). Read more

Supporters Corner : Why we support ChildAid

One of our generous local supporters is Bromley-based web design company Make Me Local, who sponsor two of the children we help in Eastern Europe. Here, we talk to the agency’s Managing Director, Nathan Kelsey, about his time supporting ChildAid and what it is that he loves about our charity. Read more

ChildAid and Global Giving

ChildAid is proud to be part of the Global Giving community, a highly curated crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects. Read more

A child long waited- Ensuring all children have the best start in life.

This is the story of Anna. A child that was long waited. Her mother wanted so much to have her own child. After 15 years of waiting Anna was born. Shortly after the birth her parents received news that the girl has Down syndrome. Read more

The Big Give Christmas Challenge | One Donation,twice the impact

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a wonderful way to give more to your favorite charity. Simply donate between 27.11.18 - 04.12.2018 and your donation will be doubled. One donation, twice the impact Read more

Orphans in Ukraine

There are more than 100,000 children living in orphanages in Ukraine. In most cases orphans are abandoned by their own family due to lack of finances to support them, however, other reasons include alcoholism, abuse, crime illness, and poor medical health. All this data make our hearts weep, we want to do our best to help as many children as we can. Read more

A life decided from birth - New Beginnings

This is the story of Brigitte. She was born in a Roma community 15 years ago. She was just a baby when her mother sold her for just £4. From a young age, she learned to steal and dance. The plan was to work in brothels. After years on this path, she was taken into care. Her prospects for a firm foundation for a stable and fulfilling life were poor. Read more