On 14th June a group of 10 cyclists will be leaving Chaves in Northern Portugal to follow the route of the N2, an arterial road running the length of the country, all the way to Faro on the South Coast.

This is a tough 'End to End' Challenge Ride where the group will be attempting to ride 750 kms (466 miles) in just 5 days. By the time the group reach Faro they will have climbed a total of 9,500 meters (by comparison Mount Everest is 8,849 meters!)

Taking part are:
Andrew Meanock
Chris Salter
Jamie Chamberlain
Marc Champ
Michael Dean
Kevin Begg
Paul Mcdonagh
Simon King

Support Crew:
Alan Williams
Sally Wiliams

Mission Accomplished!

Thank you for your support.

Simon King