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A helping hand for families

Helping vulnerable families

Sometimes families need a little helping hand to survive and most importantly stay together and keep the hope alive. Through our partners we give this hope to families and help them create a new, and better, life for their children.

Donici Family

She was born with celebral palsy. Her disability is considered stage 2 but this didn’t stop her fighting and working hard for the best of her children. The family rents a room in an old house. The house has no gas, water, or toilet. The damp and cold conditions in the house often cause children to get sick.  A lack of funds is affecting this family, but this never stopped the mother to hope and fight for a better future.

Since the family was in a very distressed situation, we included them in the program of assistance for at-risk families in order to provide them with comprehensive support. The family received food packages, hygiene products, and clothing. 

Dalin loves small cars and Legos and Maria loves to draw. We picked up toys for Dalin and stationery for Maria. The children were very happy.

Vanya said that she often worried about Dalin’s health. He had a bad appetite. Thanks to the support of our foundation, an examination was conducted by an endocrinologist and medicines were purchased to support the child’s immunity and make up for the body weight deficit.  

Vanya is very grateful to everyone for their help during this difficult time. 

Another family supported by our partner is Alexandra’s family.

Alexandra has 6 children, one with mental disability. Her husband doesn’t support the family financially and visits the children occasionally, and often  drunk. The family lived in a 1-bedroom house but the conditions were unsuitable for people to live in. She had to rent an apartment but most of the family’s money go on rent and paying utilities. Alexandra cannot work at the moment due to the fact that her child with mental disabilities requires round-the-clock attention.  Alexandra said that her daughter Maria (6 years old) tried to poke out her eyes with her fingers and displayed aggression towards other children, so she could not even attend nursery school. 

The mother is very exhausted emotionally and physically. She is very tired, because she has no opportunity to rest at all, when one of the children starts to get sick, the whole family gets sick in a couple of days.

 Considering Alexandra’s current condition, we decided to refer her to a psychologist.

We have provided the family with food and household items in order to meet their needs. In addition, shoes and warm clothing were provided during the autumn and winter months.

Alexandra is very grateful for all the support and assistance she has received and thanks everyone for their generosity and kindness.

Our wonderful supporters have enabled so many families to stay together and to dream of a better future.

Together, we are making a positive difference in the lives of unprivileged families and children.


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