A new life for Natalia

Our mission is to inspire and support young women leaving orphanage to study and learn, promote independence, values and respect. Young women such as Natalia.

She grew up in a foster home where her care was not good. As well as digestive problems, she had very poor and painful teeth when she joined the ChildAid programme. When the dentist we took her to saw the conditions, he was visibly shocked – he had never seen anything like it. Whilst most dental work has been undertaken a front tooth recently broke and Natalia has become very conscious of this as she so wants to meet a boy and marry.

Pictured: Natalia with Igor, our partner from New Beginnings

Whilst on the ChildAid programme the staff and Natalia developed a close and warm relationship. This has helped her in her journey to become a very kind, modest and cheerful girl. She is a talented chef and with ChildAid’s help secured first steps in her independence with all the correct paperwork for a one-room apartment and a job as a cook in a supermarket. However, after working enough to earn £115 in her first month she was paid just £7! Never abandoning the young women who are making their early steps into the harsh world around them, we first renovated the apartment, secured furniture and household items, and then we started the fight to get back what she was rightfully owed.

Natalia has been empowered to stand tall and equal despite her orphan background and her gender.


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