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A ray of hope for families who need it the most

The L. Lighthouse is transforming the lives of less fortunate children with disabilities and their families with free rehabilitation treatments and psychological support. 

Ever since the centre started its operations, we have witnessed numerous transformational stories. Despite the war and numerous challenges, the Lighthouse team has continually supported families who needed them the most. 


Like the story of Borysko , a young child who visited our partner a few years ago, he could not perform basic tasks beside eating food. 

Thanks to the committed work of the therapists Borysko was able to cooperate with the staff, play with a ball, perform tasks, distinguish colours, dress himself (even tie his shoelaces), knows letters and he was no longer aggressive.(Full Story)  

Several months ago, Borysko became a big brother. There was concern among those close to the family that he might show aggression or accidentally harm his younger sister. Despite these worries, his mother believed in him and in the support of our partners. When the time came, Borysko proved his affection for his little sister by treating her with utmost gentleness. 

This story truly shows the incredible things that can happen when we believe and dedicate ourselves to lifting each other up. His family can’t express enough how thankful they are for the amazing love and support they’ve received.

Another story we recently encountered is a story of hope , hope that anything can be transformed with love and positivity.  

She was just 7 when she tragically saw her father take her mother’s life. After being brought up in an orphanage, she now resides with her husband who is living with a disability, both his hips are damaged. With a 5-month-old baby at home, she is unable to take up work. Their only financial assistance includes a child benefit and her husband’s pension. Unfortunately, these funds just stretch to cover their rent.

Our partners told Maria about the “Wings for the Youth of Transnistria” project, which is being implemented by our partner Family Love. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a profession by taking short-term courses for young people under 35 years of age. Maria was highly intrigued by this information, and chose to seize the opportunity, having always aspired to be a cook. The following day, she attended an interview and proceeded to sign a contract. At present, she is enrolled in a cooking course. 

ChildAid’s financial aid enabled the family to receive a wide range of support, including food, hygiene items, medicines, children’s clothing and shoes, and kindergarten stationery. Additionally, the family consulted with the fund’s attorney to address their housing situation. 

 “I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you. You helped me exactly when I needed it most. I will never forget this. Thank you for your participation in my life, for your willingness to always come to the rescue. Peace to you and your families,” Maria. 


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