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A story of transformation

Every situation can be turned around with love and care.  

In the case of Borysko it was a real challenge. His diagnosis, severe autism.  

He could not eat or dress on his own. He will be shouting and screaming loud almost constantly. That was his response to almost everything. The neighbours continually complained about the loud noise, so the family was forced to move to a small hut. 

He was very aggressive towards his parents and doctors, white coats, made him very upset. 

At the beginning of the year, he was invited to attend the Little Lighthouse Rehabilitation Centre,Makariv. Borysko was assessed by a psychologist and speech therapist.  

The first consultation was very difficult, Borysko was shouting all the time, but classes began. The specialist knew that Borysko needed more than 10 sessions, so they decided to offer him daily therapy sessions. 

Borysko tried to run away from the sessions, he shouted, but the specialists did not give up. 

Day after day, the therapists were working with him, patiently and persistently. After 4 months of daily work, the change was astonishing. We often speak about our “transformative” work, and here is a very special transformation which truly will change his and his family lives.

Borysko stopped shouting, he is more relaxed, and he calmly reacts to assigned tasks and even performs them. He can now do many things on his own, and he can now distinguish colours. 

In Ukraine, “Only those who have a serious disability receive a paltry pension. The greatest fear of parents of an autistic child is “what will happen to my child if I die?” says Inna Sergienko. She once again reminded us that the sooner a child is noticed, the better the chances are that he or she could be treated.’’ Source: Child with Future 

There is still lots of work ahead, however hope has been restored.  His parents now believe that their child will one day be able to care for himself and live an independent adult life. 

This could not have been possible without your support. You have transformed the life of a child with your kindness. 

We and the family are forever grateful for your support. 

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