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A year filled with love and kindness

Another year finishes, and we are very privileged to be here. This year wasn’t like any year before. With the pandemic globally we faced difficulties and even grief. But beyond all we faced humanity at its best. 

People fundraised to help less fortunate children and families they never even met, they did a Marathon in the middle of a lockdown and organized a 24-hour burpee event (Matt Hodges and his team of exercisers we thank you), they organized Online Magic Shows (Stuart Weller we thank you), they played piano Live on Facebook and asked for donations (James Pearson we thank you), they participated in the 2.5 challenge (Loulou McIntosh and amazing anonymous supporters we thank you). Luke who is travelling from Bristol to Beijing on a tandem bike and donated a part of the money raised in Leg3 of his expedition(Luke we thank you).

So many of you joined in our matched giving campaigns, gave selflessly and sponsored around 300 of our children. Thank you!

People also ordered from us cards and gifts for their loved ones. Replied to our urgent appeals with generosity and love. We received phone calls and letters from supporters with kind and encouraging words. People helped us online by resharing our social media posts, talking about us and spreading the word about our work.

So this year might have been difficult, but it was certainly rewarding, although we were apart we were closer than ever.

Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for making our work possible and thank you for making the world a better place.


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