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Abandoned babies, stories of abandonment

The Abandoned Babies Programme is bringing love and care for babies abandoned. Babies that didn’t have the best start in life, babies who haven’t experienced hugs and love from their parents. 

We remember cases of young children found in the streets during the cold Ukrainian weather. Young children wandering the cold streets of Ukraine late at night wearing almost nothing. Their grandparents were found later in their flat drunk. The parents were missing. We provided treatment and support.

More recently a baby was found in a plastic bag by the train station.  

It’s heart-breaking, a young human being with no one to care for and protect him.

Thankfully the baby was saved and our ChildAid nurse is giving him extra love and care. He develops well and loves hugs.  

As well as providing 100% of funding for a room in the Children’s Hospital ChildAid also supports an additional two staff working in the local Baby Home, one of whom is a physiotherapist.

When baby Valentina (2year old) was sent to the Baby Home she didn’t chew her food and ate with her hands; she didn’t like hugs and was crying a lot. She was dirty, underweight and sick. With the love and care she received from the staff at the Baby Home  Valentina now loves hugs, she is more active and started walking too. 

All God’s beings deserve love and care, especially babies who are so vulnerable. 

Babies need a warm hug, touch, caresses, love, and the basic things that babies receive during the first months of their lives. Hugging is one of the most important stimulations required to grow a healthy brain and a strong body. Our devoted nurse will look after the baby throughout the hospitalization period, and until the baby is discharged will give plenty hugs. 

Thanks to your kind support our Abandoned Babies Programme brings love and protection to babies, any support big or small can change their lives. 


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