About Your Donations

Where Donations Go

The Trustees and management are at one mind over the donations the charity receives.  The money as far as is possible has to be used to benefit the children.

We do however need to run a small administrative office in Bromley, south London, where our very small team work, and from where our loyal group of volunteers also operate.   From our analysis, 85% of our income is spent directly on charitable activities, across 11 partners, supporting 3,200 children directly, and where appropriate their families too.

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In addition, we provide community support such as facilitating the delivering of hospital and medical equipment to Ukraine and Moldova.

What Your Donation Can Buy

ChildAid are delighted to accept donations to support the work of our partners. These donations can bring opportunity to distressed families and life changing benefits to a disabled child. 

For instance:

Together we can do so much more to improve the lives of vulnerable children