ChildAid partners with Ora Moldova to support Esther House in the village of Vălcineț, Călărași district.

A day centre for children aged 5-15 who are at risk. They are from poor families, often left with relatives or neighbours as parents work abroad, or are in single parent families or from families where there is alcohol abuse and violence.

The Centre is open five days a week and children arrive after school from 1pm onwards. It is also open during school holidays. It supports 70 children - with 20-25 attending each day.

The activities are varied and effective:


The children have tutoring classes in groups. The tutor offers expertise and encouragement and it is notable that school results are better than those children not attending the Centre.

PracticalMaking musical instruments

The children love being at the Centre and are proud of it, so take it in turns to clean and maintain it.


A whole range of skills are taught together with an understanding of food and where it comes from. It’s fun, therapeutic and a great bonding activity.

Personal Hygiene

Receiving little parental guidance, the children are taught the importance of everyday hygiene. Attention is given to hair, skin, teeth, hands, nails, feet and menstrual hygiene.


The staff seek to ensure that the child’s well-being is paramount. A positive environment helps support the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of every child. There is mutual trust and respect and strong links are built with the school and community.

All of these courses aim to make the children more responsible and prepare them for life ahead in a more positive and developed way.

Thanks to ChildAid’s partner, MAD-Aid, we were able to deliver brand new computers to Esther House to help with homework, additional computer lessons and general childhood computer fun!

Esther House uses drama and dance to help build fitness and self-confidence. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Wednesfield we have been able to provide an outdoor covered stage area and seating in the grounds. This will be a great asset to the Centre and will enable them to build links with the local village when they put on performances and shows.

Next, we are looking to install playground equipment in the grounds - children need to play wherever they are and whatever their circumstances. We will also be looking at how a reliable clean water supply can be installed to supplement the Centre's well.

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