This programme will allow you to directly help transform the lives of babies abandoned and neglected in Ukraine. For £10 per month (or a one off donation) – you can make a difference by preventing abandonment, or by helping those who have lost their parents.

To sponsor abandoned babies please complete this online form >>

See the difference you make

Sponsoring our abandoned babies initiative enables you to make a lasting difference, with your money going towards providing a loving care service as well as the overall running costs of the projects themselves.

This includes equipment and material necessary for the programmes and costs of experienced and qualified staff. Thanks to our sponsors we installed new windows and temperature controlling air conditioning so that babies abandoned in the hospital can have some comfort as well as the loving attention of the dedicated ChildAid nurse. We also provide 1200 nappies a month to the area managed by our team in a Baby Home.

Such giving can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

Elya and Sasha were under 2 years old. Their mother was imprisoned for drug offences leaving them abandoned without love or motherly care. ChildAid's supported nurse gave them that love and care. 

For more information ‘phone 020 8460 6046 and speak to Martin or email him at [email protected]