Child Sponsors are among our most steadfast benefactors.

You can become a Child Sponsor for just £16 each month (that’s 52p a day!).

By supporting children and families in this way you will help provide guaranteed funds that allow us to plan our work with greater confidence and effectiveness.
In return, we will write to you twice a year and tell you about the continuing impact your giving has made. These are real lives with real stories where our faithful supporters are making a real difference. 

To sponsor a child please complete this online form >>

As one sponsor says:

"The amount of money for each child seems absolutely nothing compared to our living standard here in England."

Or print and complete this form >>

For more information ‘phone 020 8460 6046 and speak to Martin or email him at [email protected]  

What difference does it make?

Committed Sponsorship of a child creates a bond between you, our partner projects and the child concerned

  • Supporting parents and children through difficult times
  • Helps ensure that children get the education they need
  • Helps provide summer activities, such as annual Camps and days out.
  • Provides young people leaving state care with accommodation, training and job opportunities
  • Offers multi-disciplinary therapies, rehabilitation and day care for children and young people living with disabilities.

Our project partners review each child's situation to ensure your money helps every child reach their full potential.