Transnistria is disputed territory in the east of Moldova, on the Ukraine boder. The region is frozen in time as it harks back to the days of the Soviet Union.

Our partnership with Family Love (previously Help the Children) operates alongside local church leaders who identify the most vulnerable families in their communities. Then in conjunction with the Family Love’s social workers, our partner considers their most pressing needs to help ensure a family might stay together and not have to abandon their children through economic necessity. This may be the provision of a winter supply of wood, school uniform and equipment, or medicines.  

We delivered firewood to one poor family in this extremely poor region. They had a new born and our partner by chance met the doctor who was angry because it was so cold inside. He was just about to take the mother and child into the hospital, and the child was at real risk of being placed in an orphanage because of the cold.

Our gift (God’s gift) arrived exactly on time enabling the family to stay together.

One of the social workers gets alongside mothers who have lost self-esteem. She educates and coaches these mums, providing parenting skills and helping strengthen and build their characters.

Your support can help families who need simple but essential support.