An opportunity to introduce children to the importance of caring for those who are often less fortunate, who need the support and love of others.

The scheme is designed for parents, grandparents, god-parents or family friends to buy on behalf of their child, grandchild or god-child for a minimum monthly sponsorship rate of just £10.00 a month

To sign up your loved one as a Little Friend please complete this form >>

What difference does it make?

Committed sponsorship creates a bond between the children here and the sponsored child. They are eager and excited to hear from their “Little Friend” and updates will allow them to learn more about what life is like elsewhere and how this support is transforming lives. Your help provides children with opportunities and necessities that they may not have had like: 

  • Therapies
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Social Inclusion                                                                                                                              

What you get by joining the Scheme

We will allocate a child most suitable either living with disability or within a vulnerable family  (you can select).

As soon as you sign up to the scheme Child-friendly up-dates will be sent (and then twice a year) to the child who is sponsoring and letters and drawings can be sent to the sponsored child in return.

For more information ‘phone 020 8460 6046 and speak to Martin or email him at [email protected]