Makariv sits 60 km west of Ukraine's capital, Kiev. There are no facilities for children living with disabilities.

Modeled on our amazing centre in Moldova, The Tony Hawks Centre, our new rehabilitation centre provides free-to-access physio, massage, speech therapy and psychological counselling for between 300 and 400 children a year.

There is little or no local funding at this time for the centre, and we have stepped out in faith to establish this essential service. To receive care and support families have to travel into and beyond Kiev (a round trip of over 7 hours).

The Little Lighthouse will be a beacon of love, care, support and fellowship.

As well as providing rehabilitative care, the Little Lighthouse team are also improving the general life situation families. The household budgets for families with disabled children are always under severe pressure. Economic crisis such as that experienced with Covid-19 makes such pressure even harder. As a result the Little Lighthouse team deliver fresh food and household products to families with disabled children - these are so gratefully received that even potatoes become a festive meal!

One single parent mum whose child has undergone chemotherapy expresses:

“God is so good! Glory to Him! We prayed for food, and the Lord opened our doors by your hands with SACKS of FOOD!”

Another said: “Can we share with the neighbors? They also have nothing to eat…” We were shocked to hear how big is the need.

Thank you for your support which will not only provide essential therapy treatment but also feed hungry mouths.