In early 2014 a series of violent anti-corruption protests broke out in Kiev, the aftermath saw the ousting of the pro-Russian President which in turn led to Crimea being annexed by the Russian Federation and the start of an ongoing separatist’s war in the southern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.  Life in these region continues, but the suffering will continue even when fighting continues.  And throughout this conflict ChildAid's local partner, Love without Borders [LwB], have established a reputation for bringing spiritual and practical help where it is most needed.

At the age of 16 Yura had only finished year 9 at school before having to leave and take up work in the logging industry. This has proved hard work, but his parents could not afford their son to continue his studies.  Whilst still at school Yura had suffered a nose injury which affected his nasal cavity, which prevented him from breathing through his nose. His parents could not afford the £280 operation needed to repair his nose, but thanks to the intervention of LwB and ChildAid's supporters, funds were made available to cover Yura’s medical needs.

LwB have given children sight by covering the cost of eye examinations and spectacles.

LwB have fed children by giving families seeds and chicks to have their home grown healthy food.

LwB have built self-esteem and health by providing care for children who have lost fingers or hands due to indiscriminate land mines.

The list of need is endless as are the numbers of children and families in need. Your financial support for this programme will fundamentally change the lives of children whose lives have been ravaged by war and poverty.