Life must continue even when fighting continues. ChildAid's volunteer partners, Love Without Borders (LwB), have established a reputation for bringing help where it is most needed.

As well as running Christian camps and offering spiritual support, LwB have been there to meet the needs of many families.

Yura only finished year 9 out of 11 at school and was forced to go to work (logging) for two years ago. At that time he was not yet 16 years old. This was very hard and unskilled work, but his parents could afford  their son to continue his studies.  Yura suffered a nose injury when he was at school and bent the nasal septum and could not breathe through his nose normally. As a result, he lived with his mouth open, which affected the oxygen supply to his brain and so hindering his achievement at school. He was often was ill and needed an operation to restore his breathing. There was no way his parents could afford the GBP280 to cover the medication and stay at the clinic (the operation cost was met by the clinic). LwB, thanks to ChildAid's supporters covered the cost.

LwB have given children sight by covering the cost of eye examinations and spectacles.

LwB have fed children by giving families seeds and chicks to have their home grown healthy food.

LwB have built self-esteem and health by providing care for children who have lost fingers or hands due to indiscriminate land mines.

The list of need is endless as are the numbers of children and families in need.

Your support can and will fundamentally change lives ravaged by war and poverty.