When a family is struggling to make ends meet and something unexpected happens, it can tear the family apart.

Urgent Appeal for Daniel and his family in Moldova by our partner Esther House

Daniel lives in a loving family and has 2 older sisters.

After birth Daniel contracted meningitis in the maternity ward, he received 9 injections in his spinal cord, which has had a severe impact on his health, including becoming an epileptic and having serious neurological problems.
His oldest sister contracted severe tuberculosis and the family had to pay for her medication. His other sister suffers from scoliosis, which is causing serious development problems.

Very recently, Daniel had to be admitted to the hospital again. He received some rehabilitation, but still needs very expensive treatment. From time to time his illness becomes severe, and he needs to go to hospital.

75% of the income of this family goes on medical treatment for the children. The father had to leave his family to work abroad in order to help and pay the bills, however it is very hard for the family to meet even the most basics of needs.

We help this family with food and stationery for the children so they can start school, but they need further support with medication and food and especially also help with Daniel’s treatment and the support for his sisters.

Hope is the greatest gift of all, hope that this family will stay together and not be separated due to poverty, hope for the children that the future can be brighter with love and support from good people.

Please support this fundraiser, any big or small donation matters.

Thank you.