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Art, Friendship and Building Confidence

Friendship is very important to people with a learning disability Having an active social life can help people with a learning disability to feel happier, included and valued (Mason et al. 2013; Chadwick et al. 2014; Wilson et al., 2017). 

The Isle of Hope, Belarus promotes friendship between its beneficiaries. The Centre is the place they can learn, socialize, and feel free without worrying about others’ opinions. Sometimes the world can be harsh to people with learning disabilities, we pray for a change, until then we offer  a place they can feel safe. 

The Isle of Hope is a day centre for people with learning and physical disabilities, it provides day care, creative activities, workshops that teach life skills, physiotherapy and day trips. 

Crafts and Art 

Art can be a way to communicate for people who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally, it offers alternative ways to communicate when words are limited.  

At the Isle of Hope the young people are enjoying creating together, cooking and performing.

By working together in their groups, the young people quickly learn to socialize with and trust each other. This is not only intrinsically valuable but also breaks down isolation, building up personal self-confidence and communication skills. 

Confidence building 

Creating, making but also having a responsibility can support the young people’s confidence. From achieving simple tasks like using the bathroom independently to cooking lunch for their friends at the centre, the entire process boosts their confidence and sense of achievement. 

It is so beautiful to see how proud and useful they feel when they complete a task. 

For parents who need to work to support their family, The Isle of Hope is the ideal place to care for their child and meet their special needs.

Parents are grateful this centre exists and support it in anyway they can as they can see the difference it has made to their children. 

The funding that Isle of Hope can get from parents and locally is very limited so ChildAid are there to cover over 80% of their £37,000 budget which includes all their staff, arts equipment, food and running costs. Your donation will help to bring hope and dignity to the lives of the young people we serve.

Please do give generously to this incredible programme of friendship and confidence.


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