The stigma of having a child with a disability (and the financial burden) causes many fathers to abandon their wives if they chose to keep a child with disabilities, leaving her alone to cope with the challenges of raising a disabled child at home.

IoH day outUnable to cope, a number of mothers committed suicide. A solution was needed to their problems of caring for their disabled children. Having to provide constant care for their children, these mothers cannot earn enough money to support themselves, and so remain trapped in the poverty cycle. There is little or no support for parents choosing to keep their disabled child at home, leaving the parents little choice but to leave their child at an institution.

Isle of Hope was founded in 1996 by a group of desperate parents.

The centre is open weekdays allowing parents to hold employment and support their families. It is one of the foremost day centres for young people with learning difficulties. However, local funding is extremely limited and your support provides virtually all of the financial needs of the Centre.