This is the story of Anna. A child that was long waited.

Her mother wanted so much to have her own child. After 15 years of waiting Anna was born. Shortly after the birth, her parents received news that the girl has Down syndrome. Her family accepted the situation and although living in an area were disability is not widely accepted they decided to support their child, love her and help her reach her potential.

tony hawks centre

When Anna was 3 months of age, her parents decided to take her to visit the Tony Hawks Center. Her mother didn’t know what to expect about the progress of Anna’s health, she had so many questions and concerns about her daughter’s development: physically, cognitively, psycho-emotionally.

The specialists at the Center examined Anna and observed that she had a good development potential.

However, her muscle tone was low. After receiving Massage treatments from the therapists her situation improved. 

At Tony Hawks Center Anna’s mum received advice and information on the importance of early intervention in child development and was urged to actively participate in the rehabilitation of her child.  

tony hawks centre

At the age of 2, Anna has a very good ability to express and imitate, take a few steps with her mother’s support.

tony hawks centre

She is interested in cognitive games, pictures, and drawings.

The Fine Motor Stimulation sessions at Tony Hawks Center have helped Anna catch things.

The Music Therapy Course has developed her attention. Anna loves music and is looking forward to her weekly class.

The Hydrotherapy sessions are helping Maria to strengthen her immunity and breathing.

The girl can carefully follow objects, smiles, and have an active movement/exploration.

At the moment, emphasis is put on improving active vocabulary and developing personal autonomy skills so they are focusing on Language therapy sessions.

In the growth and development of Anna's, her mother and father are very much involved. Her parents want to help Anna have a more independent life and through the Tony Hawks Centre, this can be achieved.

This experience motivated Anna’s mother to become the initiator of creating an Association of parents with children with Down syndrome.

It’s astonishing how people can help people. Tony Hawks Center provides free therapy sessions for children who need it, moreover, it provides psychological counseling and special needs education.

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