This is the story of Brigitte.

She was born in a Roma community 15 years ago. She was just a baby when her mother sold her for just £4.

From a young age, she learned to steal and dance. The plan was to work in brothels.

After years on this path, she was taken into care. Her prospects for a firm foundation for a stable and fulfilling life were poor.

However, God had other plans for Brigitte.

When our partners from New Beginnings found Brigitte they gave her a second chance in life. They took her into their loving family foster home.

She never lived in a family environment before, didn’t know a different life existed. Never felt the love of a family before. She found it in our partners at New Beginnings. They offered her a new foster home, living with a loving family, learning basic life skills and being loved.  

She discovered Jesus in her heart and began to smile to the future.

Her life changed enormously, she is going to school, has a childhood and is discovering the good side of life and people.

It’s amazing what God has prepared for this girl. As she gets older she does realise that life could have been dangerous for her, she now knows and understands that there is love and compassion in this world. When she asked to visit her blood family she had the power within her to forgive her mother for what she did. Her younger sister Camilla had been taken into care by her grand-uncle to prevent her also being sold by her mother.

Bridgitte is really grateful for her new life, she loves doing her homework and playing with her foster sisters.

The future looks brighter for Brigitte now.

ChildAid provided the vital funds that enabled New Beginnings to build a home in Mukacheve, Ukraine. This allowed them to foster more children at risk.

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