One of the projects that is very close to our hearts here at ChildAid is the abandoned babies program.
In Kamianske, Ukraine we support a nurse to care and provide love for babies left in hospital.

ChildAid also supports an additional two staff working in the local Baby Home, one of whom is a physiotherapist.

abandoned baby

Very recently baby Valentina came to the local Baby Home. Her father is in prison and her mother is a drug addict. She was hungry, dirty, undressed and ill while living at home.

When she came to the Baby Home she was scared of everything, she was eating with her hands and didn't chew her food. 

When our worker tried to hug her she closed her eyes and started shaking.

Thanks to the hard work and love of our staff Valentina can now speak, and she is not afraid of hugs but loves them!

Valentina has many health problems but the crucial work from our staff is helping her have a chance for a better future.

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