There are many ways to raise money for charity, it doesn’t have to be complicated, sometimes simple ideas can have more impact.

We decided to share with you some of our ideas and what our supporters are doing to help us.

1. Organize a BBQ

Raise money to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children by organising a barbeque. It’s a great way to help, raise awareness and have fun with your friends and family.

BBQ example

Photo by RJL Photography

This family who lost their beloved husband and father decided to celebrate his life by holding a memorial barbecue. They chose to donate the money they raised during the event to ChildAid.

We were really moved by this and we appreciate this wonderful act of kindness.

Post the BBQ photos, use #childaidbbq

2. Baking 

Encourage friends, family, work colleagues or classmates to make, sell, buy and eat cake while supporting ChildAid. You can find plenty of recipes here: BBC good food

 It’s a great way to have a good time with friends or colleagues and raise money for charity.

Use the hashtag #childaidbaking

3.Create a fundraiser on Facebook

It is very easy to create a fundraiser via Facebook. Just follow this link, add your fundraising target and ask your friends to donate.  You can ask your friends as an alternative gift for your birthday or create a small home event and ask for donations. #childaidfundraising

4. Kids Fundraising

Playdate Fundraiser – Bring children to play and raise money for charity. You can ask them to dress up for the cause on a particular subject, like mini beasts, robots etc. Children can have fun playing while they’ll also learn about the importance of giving.

Kids Charity Car Wash

It can take place in various locations like the School Playground, a Sports Club Car Park, Church Car Park, Supermarket Car Park, Workplace car park or at your own driveways. (In some cases you may have to ask for permissions). Make sure you have a responsible adult ready.

5. Beverage Stand

You can sell beverages outside a supermarket or shop and ask for donations (in both cases you may have to ask for permissions). It can be cold drinks during the summer and hot drinks during the winter.

6. The Challenge

Choose a challenge and do it to raise money for charity. You can involve your friends too.

You can start your fundraiser in Facebook or via our website. Make sure you start your fundraiser ahead of your chosen day.  Use #Childaidchallenge.

Example: Dress as a Superhero for a day. Share your photos with friends.

Use hashtag #superheroforchildren

Whatever you do, don’t forget to tag us on Social Media:

Facebook: @childaidee, Instagram @childaidee, Twitter: @childaidrr

Every pound, dollar or euro you raise means more support to children and families living in crisis. And you’ll get to eat cake, drink coffee or just have fun!!

 ‘For it is in giving that we receive.’ St. Francis of Assisi