A simple “thank you” said or written releases endorphins and places you in a happier place. It’s not just an act of courtesy, given with the appropriate intent it is a true blessing to receive and to give.

This edition of ChildAid Matters is not just a Thank You from us, it is a Thank You from those whom you are helping: for those acts of kindness and selflessness passed on already and for those still to come. I hope that your endorphins will be released when reading this newsletter!

We obviously must make mention of the coronavirus. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected, but we trust in our Lord in all things. We have heard no reports concerning the virus impacting our partners, but sadly this would be just another infectious disease or illness that they need to contend with.

May your Easter be filled with love and we pray that blessings will be with you in abundance.

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