Merry Christmas! May this find you to be healthy and happy during this wonderful time of year and well into 2022 (where did that year go?)

Health and happiness are precious gifts which we cherish, albeit we may well take them for granted too much of the time. It is wonderful to enjoy these whilst we can. It is just as wonderful to help enable others, for whom such “gifts” can be out of reach, to have the opportunities to be as happy and healthy as we all need and as our Father would wish for us all.

As we celebrate our good fortune to live where and how we do, and as those of us who are able to enjoy all that Christmas can bring as far as family gatherings are concerned, do please spare a thought for the families in need who we support through short and long term programmes across Eastern Europe. Our seasonal matched funding opportunity is on 30th November where we are seeking to raise £7,500 for family support. The link for that day is Any gift will be such a blessing. Thank you.

Don’t forget your Christmas cards via our website, or see our range of e-cards at which you can also personalise if you wish.

Wishing you a blessed, healthy and happy Christmas.

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