Through our projects we are proud to support women and girls by promoting equality and supporting projects that empower women and inspire change.

Changing perceptions

When we live in an equal environment we learn to understand the world as an equal world for both boys and girls.

We fund after school clubs that promote equality by treating all children with the same level of respect, care and support irrespective of their gender, faith and circumstances.

Education is the pathway to gender equality, it can empower individuals and enable them to challenge discriminatory gender norms.

Supporting teenage orphans

Many girls leaving orphanages on their 16th birthday end up working in the sex trade as they simply see no other options in life ahead of them.

ChildAid’s teenage orphans live in a safe and secure dormitory within the local state school.

Girls with social worker

Social workers live alongside them offering them educational, emotional & spiritual support. We promote gender equality in our projects and work with networks like YPeer(UN) that promote gender equality and empower youth.

Our mission is to inspire and support young women leaving orphanage to study and learn, promote independence, values and respect.  Young women such as Natalia '' A new life for Natalia''.

Empowering women and supporting mothers

Alcoholism, poverty, disability are some reasons mothers are forced to raise their children on their own. There are many cases of abuse & violence. Women, especially single mothers, cannot work because they cannot afford childcare. We encounter many cases of child abandonment due to poverty.

We enable mothers to work allowing them to overcome extreme poverty by providing free childcare and funding free to use after school clubs.

Furthermore, we offer free legal advice, education & counselling for mothers, and we are supporting emergency appeals with food, medicine and clothes.

Thank you for helping us bring change to the lives of women and children in Eastern Europe.