Sometimes life can be really tough. Especially in Transnistria , a disputed territory between Moldova and Ukraine.

It has been really hard for the Ciobanu family. Sergei and Svetlana live with their 4 children and the grandmother. The father recently went to work in Russia to help his family since he was only part time employed and they were struggling to survive.  The mother stays at home to look after her youngest child. She doesn’t send the other 3 children to nursery because they have nothing to wear.

Due to the fact that there is no water in the house, no washing machine, children are really dirty all the time. The parents were scared their children would be taken into care.

Our partner in Transnistria, Family Love started to work with the family a few months ago.

We provided:

  • clothes and toys for the children,
  • food and cleaning products and
  • a social worker was appointed to help the family
  • a new electric stove was purchased for the family

keeping families together

The social worker had ‘‘educational’’ sessions with the mother to help her keep the house safe for the children and clean for her family.

We also took the mother and the children for a medical examination at the doctor’s surgery.

Since the children had clothes to wear we enrolled them into the local nursery.  The mother has more time to take care of the household and her younger child.

We want to help them install water in the house and buy a refrigerator for the family since they don’t have anywhere to store their food.

The family had lost hope for a better life and were afraid they will lose their children due to poverty, however after the help they received they have faith for a better future for the family.

Thanks to your kind donations families like the Ciobanu family can dream of a better future. By making a donation to the Family Love Appeal you ensure we can continue to support vulnerable families, preventing separation and ensuring the children are in safe and loving environment.

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