When poasting last January’s newsletter I wrote, “Whatever adversities you have had in 2019 or will have in 2020, I do so hope that prayer, care, love and friendship will enable these to be overcome so that you be strengthened and established in His name”. Little did any of us realise how prophetic those words would be. My prayer is that despite the year’s hardships you have been strengthened and established in our Father’s name.

We must look now beyond the troubles of today and towards a positive and uplifting future. The Lord leaves His footprints as he carries us through adversity and we are assured of His love at all times.

Each of our partners are leaving footprints in their mission and ministry to the children, young people and families they serve. You are leaving your footprints with your support and prayers. As this issue of ChildAid Matters explores the legacy of our child sponsorship programme, we give thanks to all of our 250+ supporters who sponsor a child and to all who give so generously and faithfully with other regular or one off gifts.

I hope that you elect to take part in our Lent blessings detailed in the newsletter and that in turn you will be truly blessed and be a blessing to others.

In preparation for Easter our Alternative Gifts can offer footprints to replace Easter Eggs or the like. By requesting a Gift Card we will send you a card to pass on explaining that they have been brought a “virtual gift” which they will know has helped a child in need.

Thank you for your prayers and support, and I pray that you will be strengthened through His name.

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