Swimming can often be a struggle for survival against drowning, fighting against a current constantly trying to drag you backwards. This is true for Yoet, a hopeful for joining Moldova’s Paralympics swimming team in the future, as he has swam all his life against the current of society’s opinion which has constantly tried to hinder his progress. This hindrance has most notably been apparent in his education, as he was considered too disabled to attend school. Moreover, unable to fight the current his father drowned his own shame of having a disabled son with alcohol, leaving Yoet with only his mother’s care.

However, against the odds Yoet has managed to stay afloat. With a true Paralympian spirit he has fought to overcome his disadvantages in life and strive to make the best of a bad situation. Thanks to advice from our partners Yoet and his mother have become members of a network which focuses on empowering parents to advocate for their children’s inclusive education rights. Due to this his mother has felt more equipped to deal with school related issues and now insists on a better attitude towards her son. As such he now attends year 10 in a local school, excelling in both Maths and English. He enjoys specifically reading novels at school as it appeals to his nature as a dreamer. Moreover, his access to a school has equally given him access to more friends, of which he now has many. His regular attendance to a summer camp organized by our partners has also enabled him to add even more names to his ever expanding list of friends!

Beyond simply giving advice, our partners at the Tony Hawks Centre have actively helped him towards achieving his dream of being a Paralympian. As such he has received several rounds of therapy at the centre to improve his physical condition, which has helped him to become an even stronger swimmer. Also he has been able to train at the big city pool near where he lives for free, thanks to arrangements made by the Tony Hawks Centre.

Without the donations of our supporters such children as Yoet would not be able to win their fights against the current, so thank you! We wish him all the best with his Paralympian dreams, and hope to be able to report his success to you all soon.

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