Rich people who see a brother or sister in need, yet close their hearts against them, cannot claim that they love God. (1 John 3:17)

Poverty plagues Ukraine. The M.V. Ptukha Institute of Demography and Social Surveys reported that in 2016 nearly 60% of the population were living below the poverty line - a massive increase from the 28% reported in 2015. Fedir, currently 8 with autism and cerebral palsy, was counted among this 60%. His mother’s non-Ukrainian status made him ineligible for child or disability benefits, and without this reliable source of income the family became overwhelmed with debt. Consequently this financial hardship hampered Fedir’s access to the fun every child deserves, let alone his access to vital supplies like food and shelter.

However, after getting in contact with our partners at Children’s Hearts, Fedir and his family have seen great improvement. Through counselling from our partners over their finances they have reduced their number of debts down from 3 to just 1. Children’s Hearts have also retained a lawyer to advocate Fedir’s cause for child and disability benefits, which so far has resulted in the important registration of him as a person with disabilities. The impact on the family has been so great in fact that Fedir’s grandmother was inspired to become a Christian due to the good she has seen done.

Beyond the economic assistance, Fedir has seen massive improvements medically. He has attained the ability to walk when held, having gained a clear interest in the world around him which all too recently seemed out of reach. His ability to communicate has also taken an upturn through the help of Children’s Hearts, as he has developed the capacity to communicate his likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to him expressing his fondness for sausage sandwiches and shiny things! His ability to write the word “mum” has especially been a subject of much rejoicing amongst his family.

Children’s Hearts importantly has also given him the chance to have the fun which previously had been too expensive for him, with him attending their yearly summer camp much to his joy. Whilst there Fedir was regularly found enjoying the warm sand and swimming, and looks forwards to attending it next year!

Your support and donations enable partners of ChildAid such as Children’s Hearts to make positive impacts on children and their families less financially fortunate than us. Thank you!