It is good for us to encourage and be encouraged - we all need reassurance, boosting and support. ChildAid constantly reinforces to our partners that they are not alone as they step out in faith for the children and young people they serve. In turn they guide, inspire, and lead the children in living a life filled with hope, light and joy.

In this edition of ChildAid Matters, as well as exploring the various groups we are supporting, we also wish to share with you a range of ways in which you can help us with our mission to bring hope and opportunities. This includes our new recycling scheme.

The summer has past - one of record temperatures and a great deal of rain! Now we prepare for autumn and winter. For our partners this creates a new frenzy of activity as they equip children for school and make preparations to keep children and families warm in the intense cold that will soon be upon them. Our new look Alternative Gifts will show how some of the needs can and will be achieved with your support.

And of course we hope that you will find our new Christmas Card designs uplifting and inspiring, including the delightful Advent card.

We love to receive your thoughts and your blessings for our work - do please keep sending these to us, they are such an uplifting encouragement.

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