Transnistria, a self-governing region of Moldova which proclaimed its independence in 1991, is not officially recognised by the UN as existing. Similarly, the global community ignores the existence of the troubles which plague its 500,000 citizens. These troubles include an unemployment rate of 50%, whilst those who can find work live on an average salary of $200 per month. Furthermore there are 2-3,000 true and economic orphans, with a population too poor to look after themselves, let alone orphans. This situation is made even worse by the lack of funds available to the government, which has prevented any real social services or financial assistance for fostering.

Help is available however in the form of Help the Children, an organisation which unlike the rest of the world refuses to turn a blind eye to Transnistria and its plights. As such it is an organisation which we at ChildAid are immensely proud to be currently in partnership with. Help the Children started off as a fostering programme, initially organising the placement of 70 young children with specially trained Christian foster parents. After the success of this programme they moved on to work with older orphans, for whom they rented out apartments and taught life skills. They also set up the ‘One Hope’ training programme, through which they have taught church members to become mentors to orphans.

As partners we at ChildAid shall assist in their next project to work alongside local church leaders to support vulnerable families, in an effort to prevent children becoming orphans in the first place, whilst improving their quality of life in general. One such vulnerable family is that of Liza and her children, who currently are too poor to afford essentials such as food and housing repairs, as well as being at risk of eviction from their home. As such we will assist Help the Children to provide services such as physical repairs, medicine, clothing and wood fuel to such families in dire need. There is also the hope that we can work with lawyers to secure rights and benefits for vulnerable families, so that cases such as Liza’s eviction can be contested. (We have disguised the family faces for the sake of their safety and security)

With the help of our supporters we at ChildAid hope that this partnership will enable families such as Liza’s to survive, whilst showing them that they are not completely ignored by the world. We look forward to keeping you updated!